When change is difficult: sticking to your healthy habits


Change can be difficult, and adopting new healthy habits doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, about 60 percent of people who achieve their health and well-being goals fall short once or more before succeeding. But with practice, patience and persistence, you can create a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Regardless of what your goals might be, there are many ways to get into the routine of doing – and enjoying – healthy habits. Use these tools to help you stick to your new healthy habits:

Remember your why

What made you decide to adopt new healthy habits? Was it because you wanted to be more focused at work? Less winded at the gym? Maybe it was just because you deserve to feel good. Whatever your reasons, keep a list to inspire you.

Don’t sweat the slip-ups

If you eat poorly all weekend or miss a week at the gym, be willing to recommit. And don’t beat yourself up for the days you don’t follow through, or you let temptation get the best of you. These days are bound to happen, but don’t let it be your excuse to get sidetracked and never start back up again. Give yourself a break and recommit to start again the next day.

Partner up

Grab a close friend or family member to join you. Whether you’re adding regular exercise, mindful eating or a fun hobby to your routine, it will be more enjoyable – and perhaps easier – if you have someone on your team. Partnering up means you’ll both be accountable to each other, which helps keep you motivated and makes it easier to follow through.

Shake things up

Living a healthy, happy lifestyle is supposed to be fun. Even if you love your new health routine in the beginning, it’s easy to slip into a comfort zone. So, get creative and mix things up. Try setting to new goals, exploring new activities or meeting your healthy habits partner in new locations. Just make sure you continue to grow, learn, share and enjoy.

Congratulate yourself

Success breeds success, so acknowledge yourself for your accomplishments – large or small. Little rewards can also help you stay motivated and stick to your healthy habits.