Well-being: Find a balance that’s right for you


Well-being is a self-managed balance of mind, body, spirit and community. When you accept responsibility and accountability for taking steps to balance all four areas of your life, you can move forward along the path to well-being. Well-being can apply to a state of being for anyone, at any time. 


Activities that support your mental health can go a long way towards a balance of well-being. Find time for friends, maybe a trip to the ballpark with the family, or a good movie with your significant other. Take a moment to find the things that make you happy and take some time for YOU.


Exercise is proven to have numerous positive effects on your body and your overall feeling of well-being. Don’t let the pressures of TV commercials telling you to get to the gym, or your friend on social media who’s always showing a selfie of themselves working out deter you. Make it simple on yourself. Turn off the TV, go outside and start by going or a brief walk around the neighborhood. A simple walk releases endorphins that are good for your mind and body. Combine that with the extra oxygen and Vitamin D you get from the sun, you’re off to a good start.


Spirit can mean something different to each of us. Maybe one works towards improving their positive feelings of spirit through religion or maybe meditation. Whatever it may be, making an effort towards improving your spirit plays a significant role when working towards a balanced well-being.


Community is defined a couple of ways including a group of people practicing common ownership and a feeling of fellowship with other, as a result of sharing common attitudes and goals. By connecting with your friends and family, and participating in community based events, you gain a sense of belonging. This sense of belonging to your community helps to invoke a sense of pride about where you live, work and belong. This sense of pride helps improve your balance of well-being.