Squeeze in more than your pants this holiday season


It’s hard enough to find time to exercise on a regular basis let alone during the holidays. Just when you get that schedule down it changes with get-togethers and travel plans. You don’t want to add more stress by trying to keep up your regular workout schedule, but at the same time, exercise and staying active can help you battle holiday tension and extra calories.

So how can you work it in and still enjoy yourself? Plan ahead! Here are a few ideas to try out:


  • If you are traveling, check in advance to see if where you are staying has a gym, walking area or exercise equipment
  • Ask family members to go for a walk in-between dinner and dessert to let your food digest
  • Start a fitness tradition by entering the family in a holiday 5K.  Organize a friendly game of football or kickball, a bike ride, go sledding, ice skating, or take a trip to the nearest park for a scavenger hunt
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes when shopping and walk the mall before you shop it
  • Find an app on your phone that inspires you to exercise or find a favorite workout video and watch it on your device