Soothe Your Soul, Refresh Your Spirit


You go to the hairdresser to tame your hair, the dentist to whiten your teeth and the gym to tackle that little bit of extra weight. But where do you go when you need to give your soul a workout?

Each day offers the choice to practice activities, thoughts and behaviors that either nourish your soul or strain it. When your soul and spirit batteries are low, you might feel anxious, overwhelmed or tired. But when you take a moment to recharge, you’ll likely feel rejuvenated, energized and ready to take on the world (or at least that pesky to-do list).

Here are some tips to help you soothe your soul and refresh your spirit:

  • Indulge in the creative arts. Activities like drawing, painting or scrapbooking can help you relieve your stress and anxiety, and it enables you to be in the moment. And it’s exciting to see something you’re creating emerge at the end.
  • Write in a journal. During an average day, there’s bound to be things that annoy or aggravate you leaving you feeling unhappy and irritable. But what if you could release all those negative emotions? Journaling can help. By writing down your thoughts, feelings and musings, you’re transferring your negative energy onto the page. And you’re fueling your soul.
  • Go for a walk outside. Perhaps it’s the fresh air, the scenery, the wildlife or a combination of the three, but being outside can lighten your soul and help you shake off a bad mood. If you want extra soul points, try shutting off your phone – and your mind – and just focus on being in the moment.
  • Laugh it off. Don’t you always feel better after a good laugh? Laughter is pure joy. Watch a funny movie, go to a comedy show or call your best friend for an uplifting giggle session. Whatever you do, laugh it off.
  • Make time for you. Remember that soothing your soul and refreshing your spirit is all about having some “me time” and doing the things that bring you the greatest joy. At the end of the day, you already know how to soothe your soul. You just need to take the time to listen closely – your soul will tell you what it wants.

Here are some more good ideas to soothe your soul.