Punctuality pointers


The ParkviewGO mission is to explore opportunities to improve your mind, body, spirit and community, through small, impactful changes. As Jill Zahm, Nurse Navigator at The Center for Healthy Living, explained, this applies to the September challenge to be on time as well. “The key point to get across is becoming aware of how you use your time,” she said. “Time is a resource at your disposal that you have a degree of control over and most of us do not utilize it well. By organizing and prioritizing within the context of ones’ competing activities – work, family, wellness and friends – one can find a better sense of balance in their life.”

Jill’s life hacks for time management


  • Try listening to a guided imagery meditation in the evening instead of watching a half hour of TV (an activity we all somehow seem to find time for). Deep breathing takes very little time but provides great benefit to your well-being.


  • Create a master grocery list in a Word document of everything you use regularly. Label pantry, freezer, paper products, bathroom etc. Print the list off weekly and highlight what you are out of to save time running to the store after work.
  • Create a master meal plan with a 2-4 week rotation, laminate it and hang it on the front of the fridge so whoever arrives home first can help get dinner started.
  • If you work in an office and time in the morning is an issue, stock your desk with healthy breakfast bars and the break room fridge with yogurt for the week.


  • When scheduling your week, set aside one hour just for you. Read a book, take a bubble bath or go for a walk with a friend.


  • Work on building good relationships with friends, family and neighbors so you can support each other when a time crunch hits. You might just find that someone can help you with carpooling kids, for example, and you can help them with something they need.

Here, you’ll find a handout we use to help guide clients in need of assistance with time management.

To learn more about the programs and resources available through The Center for Healthy Living, contact a Nurse Navigator at Parkview Regional Medical Center, the Neighborhood Health Center or the Parkview Warsaw YMCA.