Note to self: more love


All this month we’re focusing on the power of positive thoughts. Often we can apply a healthy dose of optimism to everything but the vision we have of ourselves. We are our worst critics, dissecting our shortcomings and facilitating a false, unfavorable self-image. Parkview Center for Healthy Living Nurse Navigator McKenna Gottfried, RN, BSN, shares her thoughts on viewing your body as a capable, beautiful miracle.

So often, we place others’ needs before our own. We provide love, support and compassion to our loved ones without hesitation. However, rarely do we stop to provide that same love, support and compassion to ourselves. It’s far too easy to pick ourselves apart. After all, no one knows us quite like we know ourselves – our flaws, our mistakes. The challenge is to see our whole person just as our loved ones do – as a unique and irreplaceable individual.

Take a moment to consider how you are truly fearfully and wonderfully made! Without even thinking about it, thousands and even millions of chain reactions are happening within your body. These vital processes keep everything just as it should be to support feeling the warmth of the sun, the joy of laughter, the understanding of meaningful conversation and gratitude. These functions allow you to experience every facet of life.

Our bodies are constantly moving us toward well-being. If you sustain an injury, the body rushes nutrients to that specific location for healing. If your body needs hydration or nutrients, you feel thirst and hunger. If your body begins to overheat, it sweats to cool down. Now if only we could practice moving our minds toward well-being, just as our bodies do.

Take a moment to center yourself through breath:

  1. Close your eyes and let go of anything that’s been holding you back from moving forward and enjoying each and every day.
  2. Make a small list of all of the things your body allows you to do; things that bring you joy and make you feel complete.
  3. Focus on those things, and go do them today, remembering to love your body because of how it supports your hobbies and physical activity.