Minding holiday etiquette


The holiday season tends to bring out the best -- and worst in some people. Make sure you’re ready to take on this holiday season with these simple tips on what to bring, conversation and cell phone etiquette.

What to bring

Don’t show up empty handed to a party. Start by asking the host what they’d like you to bring. If you are told to “just bring yourself,” think about bringing:

  • Small potted plant or herb
  • Banana bread for breakfast the next day
  • Nice bottle of olive oil
  • Homemade dessert

Don’t bring anything that requires time in the oven, the host has enough to manage without adding an additional project into the mix!


Being good at conversation starts with being a good listener. Pay attention to what the people around you are talking about and ask questions when appropriate. Keeping up with current events is a good way to start interesting conversation. And remember to keep jokes short and stories shorter.  

Cell phones

Give the people around you your complete, undivided attention. Don’t text, play on social media or talk on your phone. If you do have to take a phone call, apologize and step away before accepting it.