LOL! Seriously—it’s good for you


Laughing is contagious and can be a great good mood builder and stress reliever. Start with a positive thought, smile, then give a little laugh….even if it’s forced. 

• The effects of laughter and exercise are very similar. It burns calories and works your ab muscles. 
• Find ways to incorporate more laughter into your life. Surrounding yourself with friends that make you laugh and have a glass is half- full approach to life is a good place to start. 
• Soothes tension short term
• Improves your mood

Try this exercise. Get three or more friends or family members and plenty of floor space. The first person lies down with their back flat on the floor. The second person also lies down but places their head on the first persons stomach. Continue to lie down flat on the floor one-by-one until everyone but the first person has their head on someone’s stomach. Now start laughing. As your heads bob up and down the laughter grows and it becomes impossible to stop. Try switches places or adding more people. Giggle Belly is fun for all ages – and those abs.