Group exercise


This month has been all about working on mindfulness. Maybe you’re finding it’s easy to make room for meditation in your daily routine, or perhaps it’s a bit more challenging with your agenda. Forming a meditation group could be a wonderful way to combine social elements of your day in with your peaceful practice.  Here are our suggestions for forming a lasting circle of supportive allies on your quest for zen.

6 Tips for Forming a Meditation Group

1. In it every minute.
When inviting your friends and acquaintances, think about who will take your goals for the group seriously. While a great laugh can be just as good for the soul, make sure when it’s time to calm the mind, everyone in your circle is on the same page.

2. Grant grownup-only access.
Unless your little ones are part of your practice, which would be great, consider holding your group when the kids are otherwise occupied. Maybe you do it in the morning after they get on the bus or later in the evening after they’re tucked in for the night. Make sure to free yourself from distractions – cute as they may be – whenever possible.

3. Shhhhhhh ….
Is there a room or space in your home that tends to be your quiet place? Great. Make that the group’s meeting location. Maybe it’s just a cozy corner in your basement or den. That’s fine! It doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate, but it should be as peaceful as possible.

4. Set the mood. 
Once you pick the location, make every effort to create a zen-like environment. Put out extra pillows or yoga mats, consider diffusing a relaxing essential oil or burning a mild scented candle, or creating a meditation playlist. The more at ease people feel, the easier it is to let go and focus on their breathing.

5. Chat about it.
Consider beginning each session with a few moments of reflection and sharing. What sort of benefits are people seeing? What struggles is everyone having and how do other members of the group overcome those same struggles? Creating an open dialogue and conversation is a great way to share the bond of your practice.

6. Where ya been?
A major benefit of being in a group is the accountability it brings. Follow up with the members of your meditation circle and make sure the commitment doesn’t fall off their calendar. They’ll thank you for keeping them on track.