Grab a partner


This month, we’re talking about the importance of relationships and tapping into the benefits of fixing our social connections. But the happy side effects of positive interactions aren’t limited to our mental well-being. As Shawn Richardville, team leader, Parkview Health & Fitness Center, shares, a great relationship with an accountability partner or fitness group can benefit your workout regime as well.

5 arguments for having a workout buddy

1. It can be motivational.
It's easier to skip out on a workout when you’re doing it alone. If you have a partner/friend counting on you to show up, you are more likely to maintain a regular workout routine. It motivates you to at least show up, and just showing up is half the battle.

2. It can be more enjoyable.
Having a group you meet up with makes it possible to start a sporting match for your workout. Playing tennis or basketball can really get the heart rate up and burn major calories while enjoying the activity at the same time.

3. It can be competitive.
Exercising in a group or with a partner can challenge you to do more than you would if you were working out alone. Most of us have a competitive nature. Maybe you don’t have to win everything, but at least you won’t want to finish last.

4. It can be encouraging.
Having someone push you through a workout can help you reach goals or raise personal bests. Partners/Groups can help raise your spirits on days you're feeling down.

5. It can be safer.
You would always have a spotter and someone to watch your form. A running partner is always convenient, as well, especially if you run in the evenings or early mornings.