be engaged


“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela

Do people often ask about your hobbies? How do you respond? Taking time to indulge in our personal happiness leads to healthy lifestyles and can boost our spirits. Learn how to answer the too common question: what hobbies do you enjoy?

Lose yourself in your activities.

  • Find a passion. What have you always wanted to try? Were you a tennis star in high school? Get back on the court and revisit your glory days. Love theater? Regularly attend plays and musicals in the city. Better yet, audition. Love to write? Start a blog. The possibilities are endless.

  • Once you’ve found the activity that creates true happiness, indulge. Spend time with the activity and lose yourself. Give yourself a couple of hours a week to really dig deep into what makes your world spin. Don’t feel guilty! Studies show that people who engage in hobbies live healthier lives.

  • Remind yourself why you do it. Give yourself the opportunity to reflect on why the activity makes you happy. Share your success with others.

Make your activity:

  • Healthy. Find an activity that moves your body. If your hobby has a component of exercise, great. If not, build your helicopter and spend a day flying it outside. Knit prayer shawls for your church and hand-deliver your gifts. Bridge the gap between talent and health by adding a component of movement to your favorite activity.
  • Engaging. Find a way to incorporate people into your personal happiness. Join a running group. Do you love music? Join a choir, teach yourself and a friend how to play guitar, find the best live music in the city and invite your friends. The possibilities are endless. Haven’t met your neighbors yet? Invite them to your favorite activity and learn more about people living right next door.
  • Rewarding. People who engage in their favorite activities tend to be healthier. There is a clear reward for losing yourself in your activities. Try to learn and grow through your hobbies. Challenge yourself to improve. Give yourself time to reach your goals. Find a passion that rewards your life in a way nothing else can.

Live in Fort Wayne and want to challenge yourself to lift your spirit and engage in a hobby? Here are some resources in Fort Wayne to get you started.

Find community events
Take music lessons
Join a running group
Audition for a play
Help a neighbor