Are you a good juggler?


It often feels like life has become a juggling act. We’re juggling budding careers, growing families, a supportive network of friends, a sense of well-being and even our spirituality. We feel unbalanced – like we have little time in our hectic calendars. We overschedule ourselves, believing that we can do everything and become Super-mom. Or Super-dad. Or Super-friend. Or Super-employee.

The truth is that we do have enough time to accomplish everything on our wish list, and to become the people we want to be. We don’t need more time. We just need stop juggling one too many balls.

Our spirituality shouldn’t be another ball in our juggling acts. It should be our stage – our platform.

To build skyscrapers that can withstand the elements, construction crews dig down several hundred feet to build solid foundations. We should be like the construction crews, digging deep to nurture, or strengthen, a resilient sense of spirituality. This will help us improve our juggling acts and develop a sense of balance in life. Our careers will prosper, our families will grow, our friendships will be strengthened and our sense of well-being will be sustained if we center ourselves, and our lives, on spirituality.

Committing to standing on a solid stage will help us learn to become excellent jugglers. We should aim to be the kind of jugglers who understand that the “career” ball is made of rubber, and that it will always bounce back – the kind of jugglers who understand that the “family,” “friends” and “health” balls are glass, and that they should be handled with great care and given the most of our time.

We’ll fall short sometimes. (We’re only human, after all.) But getting back up and recommitting to a solid stage – a better juggling act – will be easier if we remember to:


  • Pace ourselves. Running through life so fast that we forget where we are and where we’re going isn’t sustainable. And it’s no fun!
  • Plan ahead. Looking at each of our glass balls and deciding what one or two small things we can do each week to make a positive impact will pay big dividends.
  • Practice loyalty. Dedicating ourselves first to our spirituality, then to our family, friends and health, will allow us to become the people we want to be. And everything else, including our careers, will fall into place.