8 steps to investing in your family’s well-being


Spending time with your kids and family is very important to feeling loved and appreciated. Both parents and children need this bonding time. Time spent with your children, getting to know them individually and meeting their daily needs gives them a sense of security and greater self-esteem.

1. Find time for family time, game time, and eating meals together as a family and talking about your day.

2. Disconnect to reconnect. Pick a night to spend with your family without cell phones and electronics. Grab a bag and have everyone place their phones and handheld devices inside. Spend two hours chatting about your day, laughing and sharing. Ready. Set. GO!

3. Cook together as a family.

4. Mix things up. Try a story night with the family. Pick a book or two everyone will enjoy and take turns reading it out-loud while enjoying a healthy snack.

5. “Mommy/Daddy and me” time: create some one-on-one time with each of your children on a regular basis. Focus on what they like to do or what activity they’d like to spend time doing with you.

6. Try outdoor games. Maybe shoot some hoops, play catch or kick a ball around.

7. Create your own outdoor theater with that old projector you never use and an old bed sheet, invite the neighbors and pop some popcorn.

8. Make time for a family vacation.