10 ways to have a healthy lunch hour


A typical workday can often be grueling. With meetings and presentations and an endless stream of emails, it can be difficult to remember the importance of penciling yourself in as a top priority. During the month of March and beyond, we encourage you to make the most of your lunch hour by inserting a dose of activity that promotes well-being and encourages a midday reset.  Step away from your desk, power down your laptop and show yourself a little love.

10 healthy ways to spend a lunch break

1. Try a walking meditation

2. Find a bench and read

3. Explore the local farmer’s market

4. Catch a power nap

5. Meet a friend or significant other to catch up

6. Color

7. Write a letter or journal

8. Take the dog out to play

9. Try a new smoothie recipe

10. Go to the library

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